Hamsa: Hummus and Happiness Israeli Restobar

Mezze Platters and Cocktails in Kazimierz

Sick of Polish food? Of course not, how could you be.  But maybe you want something different, something to reflect all of the Jewish history you have been learning about in Kazimierz or at Auschwitz.  Or maybe you just want an awesome place to hang out with friends, grab drinks, and share a Mezze Platter filled with falafel, hummus, olives, and pickled peppers!

I always get a beer or glass of wine, and a Mezze Platter, small if its just two of us, medium if there is more…  Not only does the mezze platter tasted delicious, but it also comes in a hand-painted ceramic hamsa dish.  Visit their website for more info and here for full menu.  They are located at 2 Szeroka Street in Kazimierz, very easy to find.

Hamsa also serves traditional Israli food beyond hummus; as well as, specialty coffee, and even breakfast!

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