Bania Luka: Shots and Snacks

Just like its main competitor Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa, Bania Luka serves 4zl shots, beers, and other beverages, with 8 zl plates of various food items.   The atmosphere is warmer than Pijalnia, but thats because it looks like a normal bar and not one that time-traveled here from communism.  Their shots menu is less extensive, just cherry vodka, regular vodka, and Mad Dog shots, but their food is a little more extensive.  If it were a perfect world, Pijalnia Wodki will feel and look like Bania, or Bania would serve the same shots and food as Pijalnia Wodki, but it isn’t, and in a way isn’t it better to get to go to two bars and not just one?

So stop by, grab a beer, a shot, and a plate of pierogi, all for under 4 Euro!  You will find them on Plac Szepanski, or Plac Nowy in Kazimierz, and in the summer they even have outdoor tables at both locations!

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