Bania Luka: Shots and Snacks

Just like its main competitor Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa, Bania Luka serves 4zl shots, beers, and other beverages, with 8 zl plates of various food items.   The atmosphere is warmer than Pijalnia, but thats because it looks like a normal bar and not one that time-traveled here from communism.  Their shots menu used to be less extensive, just cherry vodka, regular vodka, and Mad Dog shots, but recently they’ve upped their game and have started adding a lot of other offerings. Their food is actually a little more extensive than its competition.

If it were a perfect world, Pijalnia Wodki will have more food like Bania, or Bania would serve the same shots as Pijalnia Wodki, but it isn’t, and in a way isn’t it better to get to go to two bars and not just one? At this point, with each additional year, they are becoming more and more like each other.

So stop by, grab a beer, a shot, and a plate of pierogi, all for under 4 Euro!  You will find them on Plac Szepanski in the Old Town, or their newest locations on Szewska and Florianska streets! (Their Plac Nowy location has closed permanently). And in the summer they even have outdoor tables at both locations!

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