Ciuciu: The World’s Smallest Candy Manufacturer

I first discovered Ciuciu when I visited the Christmas Market in Krakow in 2013, and now that I live here, I stop in at least once a month for a little bag of delicious candies.  My favorite, the fruit-flavored hard candies, which show their flavors by the fruit designs in the middle of the candy, are always available.

This truly handmade candy, which you can watch being made all day long, is even a great souvenir to take home.  Or take a lollipop making class yourself!  Ciuciu is located along the famous Grodzka Street which runs between the Main Square and Wawel Castle.  And their website is here, where you can see pictures, book tours, and explore the World’s Smallest Candy Manufacturer.  If you do nothing else, at least stop in for a free sample anytime!

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