The Vistula River

The bank of the Vistula River is perfect for picnicking, while the river itself provides a space for boats to dock, and a beer to be had upon the water.  Bike paths also run along the banks in several directions, enjoyable no matter which way you go.  Many people use these bike paths to get themselves out to the Tyniec Abbey, only about 10km away from Wawel Castle. Learn how to get there here.

You can view the river from above, by looking out at it from Wawel Castle, or down below by the exit of the famous Krakow Dragon’s Den!

No matter what you do, if the weather is nice, an entire day can be spent relaxing by the river, feeling far away from the tourist crowds, despite the fact they are buzzing about just a few meters above you in the castle courtyard.

If you’re lucky you’ll catch a festival or event being had here! Or come down after dark and enjoy a DJ set under the decks of one of the many boats with bars and/or restaurants in them.

You can of course also find boat to take you for a little ride, or even hop on the water taxi– officially known as the Krakow River Tram. Their website says, “Krakow River Tram runs right next to the most important monuments of the city, Old Twon Vistula Boulevards, the Wawel Hill, the Kosciuszko’s Mound. On the cruise to Tyniec you will also see Bielański Landscape Park and Przegorzały Castle.” Here is a little map- a really affordable way to cruise on the river!

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The views are even pretty in winter…

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