Food Truck Square

Food Truck Square is located at: Skwer Judah, Świętego Wawrzyńca 16, 33-332 Kraków

I just read today  that Krakow was named in Travel and Leisure’s yearly CNN sponsored list for the best cities in the world to go to.  How exciting!  So what is something new here in Krakow that people are enjoying?  You may not know that Kazimierz is actually a really “new” part of town.  Yes, of course, the actual town is really really old, but the restaurants and the clubs, and the public spaces are really really young.  The first bars began to pop up in the late 90s, and during their first few years it was still quite a dangerous neighborhood to be in.  Slowly, but surely, Kazimierz experienced a sort of renaissance, and now it keeps growing!  (Let’s just hope it doesn’t grow too much, I would hate to see it become too commercial).

So we invite you to Kazimierz for all your meals, have a zapiekanka on the Plac Nowy, or some beef tartare in Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa, and go ahead and head over to Food Truck Square for even more options!

When you first arrive to Food Truck Square you may notice a huge red bus.  It was originally used in London, as a real bus, but has retired to Krakow where it has been turned into a restaurant.  Enjoy some fish and chips, or traditional Polish cuisine aboard the bus, or check out the other, much smaller vehicles serving deliciously fresh food.

From Belgian fries to all-beef big and juicy burgers to Polish street food your main course is hard to choose.  Follow it up with dessert, either some ice-cream, or a chimney cake, also known as Trdelnik!  And above all else, have a seat and watch the people.  Krakowians flock here after their workday is over and hang about with their friends, children, or family.  Some take a seat, and some take it to go.  It’s never a bad idea to grab some fries and take a stroll over to the Bernatka Bridge, or sit along the Vistula River.

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