Flea Markets in Krakow

The best flea markets only happen on certain days, and usually that’s Sunday. But you’ll find lots of vintage stores in Kazimierz, as well as a charity shop, and some stalls selling antique items on Plac Nowy everyday- so if you can’t be here on a Sunday- you could look into visiting those instead. But the best of the best is…. Hala Targowa on Sunday! Read more about the different markets below…


Hala Targowa (Every Sunday at Hala Targowa)


Just look up Hala Targowa on a map— and take a short walk from the Old Town, or even shorter if you’re staying in Kazimierz, every Sunday, for the best flea market in Krakow! If there’s something you need they’ll have it! Or go to pick out a one of a kind souvenir!

♬ This Night Has Opened My Eyes (2011 Remaster) – The Smiths

Held every Sunday morning, this is our favorite flea market! Complete with all the town drunks selling their things very cheaply so they can buy another bottle of vodka.  We go every Sunday and have been lucky to get some great finds!  Be careful, as it can be quite crowded.  Especially in summer, you may feel very overwhelmed by the amount of people and the tight spaces.

You will find people with their things laid on the ground, these are always the cheapest.  If a table looks well organized, the person knows what his/her stuff is worth so expect a higher price tag.  Most stands have used goods and antiques; however a few sell produce, spices, and other handmade items.  Take a tram to the stop Hala Targowa, and follow the crowds of people, or just walk from anywhere in town- it’s just a bit off from the center.  Going to be in Krakow for a while?  This is a great market to find a bicycle to use for your stay! If you’re more into clothes- you’ll also want to check out the next market we recommend on Sunday morning as well.

The Market at Plac Nowy

This market is open everyday- with small stalls selling new things, as well as people selling old antique items, amongst produce, handmade crafts, and the always present food stalls.  The market expands on Saturdays to include more local handicraft makers- think local handmade items. And on Sunday it gets the busiest it will be, with used/vintage clothing taking over the entire square.

If you are looking for jewelry or vintage clothes, this market is better than the others, but we find the prices to be higher and the sellers to be less drunk– this is their actual profession.  Find it on any map, in the middle of Kazimierz, the Jewish District, it’s called Plac Nowy.

_MG_1358  _MG_1360

If you’re going to miss these markets, and want to find clothes- as well as some antiques, just walk around Kazimierz and look for the Charity Shop (Estery 3)- or many of the Second Hand and Vintage shops along the street Starowislna.

Don’t forget if you have any questions, comments, or want us to make you a custom made list or itinerary, you can always email us at emilysguidetokrakow@gmail.com

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    1. emilybulak says:

      I dont think I have the knowledge or the ability to help you. I do not speak Polish, and I am not familiar with much outside of daily life and tourist information. But good luck with everything!

  2. Sam says:

    Wtf SERIOUSLY? I’ve been there about 10 times and i’ve never seen any drunks selling.. c’mon. This is so stereotypical.

    1. emilybulak says:

      At Hala Targowa? I went every week in the winter and there were always intoxicated men selling things.

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