8 Cheap Must-Eats in Krakow Poland

A list of 8 food experiences you should have in Krakow, Poland

1. Shots and Snacks Bars: Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa

Modeled after life in the Communist era, traditional bar snacks of the time period with the cheapest beers and shots you’ll find in the city. Our favorite is Beef Tartare with a Mad Dog Shot.

2. Obwarzanek

This braided bread is first boiled, then baked with toppings from salt to sesame seeds. Sold from little carts all around town, the actual snack is protected by the European Union.

3. Stop by a Local Farmer’s Market

Be sure to stop by a market for some fresh fruits. From gooseberries, to currants, apricots, and plums, they’ll have every fruit you can imagine.

4. Zapiekanka

Think of this as a poor man’s French bread pizza. The base is cheese, mushrooms, and ketchup, then you take it from there. Only order from the stalls at Plac Nowy in Kazimierz. Tastes much better after a few beers.

5. Hot Donuts: Gorące-Pączki

Fried fresh multiple times a day, try a traditional rose jam flavor with candied orange peel on top.

6. Food Truck Square

Krakow’s first group of food trucks are all gathered in one spot. Start with a drink at one, dinner at another, and dessert at a third.

7. The sausage Truck

This family grills the best sausages in town over an open flame 8pm-3am every day but Sunday out of their communist-style van at Hala Targowa.

8. Milk Bars: Bar Mleczny

There is a lot of history behind these cafeteria-like restaurants all over the city, so definitely read up on it before going to get a tray full of deliciously cheap Polish food.

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