Beer in Krakow: Craft, Local, National… the best Places to drink them all

A recent email asked us about local breweries, places to drink craft beers, and vodka distilleries. While there are no vodka distilleries in the city of Krakow, if you are traveling through the whole country of Poland, there are plenty you can stop at.  We highly recommend a visit to the area of Zubrowka’s Distillery….

Bania Luka: Shots and Snacks

Just like its main competitor Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa, Bania Luka serves 4zl shots, beers, and other beverages, with 8 zl plates of various food items.   The atmosphere is warmer than Pijalnia, but thats because it looks like a normal bar and not one that time-traveled here from communism.  Their shots menu is less…