Easter in Krakow

For 2023 the easter market will be open from march 30th to april 20th from 10am to 9pm click here to learn more.

It’s finally spring and the Kraków Easter Market has opened! It runs everyday from 10am to 9pm with traditional Polish food, drinks, souvenirs, Easter decorations and supplies, plus daily entertainment! Just behind the Cloth Hall, or Sukiennice, on the Main Square, or Rynek Główny. Shown in this video are: Easter Palms Local Polish Honey Souvenirs Wooden Patterned Rolling Pins Polish Pottery Pierogi Polish Bread and Cheese Handmade Toys Handmade Gifts And more!!! #krakow#poland#travel#tourguide

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The trees are starting to bud and crocuses have begun to pop up all over the city- their blooms noting that spring is on the way- which means Easter is too! The kids have drowned the witch Marzanna, we’ve had some warm sunny days mixed with cold and snowy ones- and Easter baskets are being prepped. Many of us stuffed our faces full of donuts and/or pickled herring, only to then have deprived ourselves of something good for several weeks now- with a few reprieves due to travel (lent doesn’t apply to a pilgrim) or a celebration of St. Joseph- (the patron saint of a lentiful cheat day- or the coming savior’s father).  Jesus is on his way, and so are the tourists- so spring cleaning has begun, festivals are beginning, and Easter season is here!

When does Easter in Krakow Start? 

Hints of the Easter season begin to show as early as Fat Thursday (that’s the Thursday before Fat Tuesday); when everyone is in search of the best donut in the city. Or indulging in faworki, chrust, or opoki. The week after, while Americans are stuffing themselves full of pancakes on Fat Tuesday- Poles are downing pickled herring and shots of vodka for their last hurrah before lent. For Easter in Krakow you’ve got a few options. If you come early- you can catch the St. Joseph’s Festival in the Small Square (Mały Rynek).  This year it runs from March 17th-March 26th; before a short break as it then moves and expands onto The Main Market Square (Rynek Głowny), as the main Krakow Easter Market– beginning on March 30th until April 10th the Easter Festival runs from 10am to 9pm and features every Easter-themed souvenir you could possibly want; traditional items for your Easter basket, such as fancy palms, little chicks, and greenery; and of course amazing Polish festival food that is similar to what you can find at the Christmas markets. You can learn more about what goes into a Polish Easter Basket here. 

Important Easter Dates for 2023:

The official program in Polish can be viewed here.

Thursday February 16th: Fat Thursday (Tlusty Czwartek)

Tuesday February 21st: Pickled Herring Night

Wednesday February 22nd: Lent (or Post in Polish) begins

Friday March 17th-Sunday March 26th: St. Joseph’s Festival on the Mały Rynek

Tuesday March 21st: Spring is here- time to drown Marzanna

Thursday March 30th-Monday April 10th: The Easter Market opens on the Main Market Square (Rynek Głowny)

Sunday April 2nd: Palm Sunday- if you are in Krakow anytime around Easter you can get a handmade beautiful palm- and on actual Palm Sunday head to the main square for a competition of Palms!

Friday April 7th: Good Friday (businesses for the next few days will have altered hours and closures)

Saturday April 8th: It’s Easter Basket Day! Take yours to a local church to be blessed!

Sunday April 9th: Easter Sunday is meant for time with family so most businesses will be closed and Poles will be home eating sausages and horseradish… and some of the best cakes of the year!

Monday April 10th: Śmigus-dyngus is here so WATCH OUT! This tradition is fun- but you will get wet. It is also the day of the Emaus festival so head over to Salwator for the yearly party!

Tuesday April 11th: Rekawka might be one of the oldest traditions in the city- so head over to Krakus Mound with your sword and pretend you’re in a different century!

For a full overview of Easter in Krakow- read “13 Interesting Facts About Easter and Springtime in Krakow, Poland!”

Translated Program from the city of Krakow’s official page (https://kiermasze.com.pl/) on the Easter Market reads:

March 30 – April 10, 2023
April 1, 2023 (Saturday)
Performance of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Krakowiacy” – 11:30
Performance of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Krakowiacy” – 12:15
Walk around the fair – hours 12:20
April 2, 2023 (Sunday)
Competition for the most beautiful traditional Easter palm – from 10:00
Departure of the Palm Procession from the Barbican – at 11:15
Blessing of palms in front of the Church of St. Wojciech – at 11:45
Settlement of the competition for the most beautiful Easter palm – at 1:30 p.m
April 8, 2023 (Saturday)
Ceremonial blessing of Easter baskets
with the participation of the authorities of the City and the Church of Krakow – at 11:00
April 10, 2023 (Monday)
“Siuda Baba” – Folklore Association “Regional Theatre” and “Teatr Po Latach” – 7:00 p.m. 14:00

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