Bernatka Bridge: Love Locks No More

Father Bernatek’s Bridge: Kładka Ojca Bernatka

Locks of Love have always been present in Krakow- hanging on Kładka Bernatka’s railings ever since the footbridge (that means pedestrian only!) was unveiled in 2010- but with a new acrobatic art display they aren’t they only thing hanging!

Unfortunately, we must inform you that in the coming months it’s rumored the city will be cutting off all the love-locks located here; and they will be replacing the current siding with panels that will make it impossible to lock something to it- so if I were you, I would visit the bridge, use it as a way to cross the river, but perhaps not leave something behind. 

Every European city has that bridge adorned with locks of lovers.  In Krakow, look no further than the bridge that connects Kazimierz and Podgorze, aka, the Jewish district and former Jewish Ghetto.  You won’t find random men selling locks around the area like Paris, so bring your own.  But you will find whole sections of the bridge’s railing cut off, where a lover or two has come back to take off his/her love-lock! Or maybe that’s the city un-installing and re-installing sections of the bridge- probably constantly. Don’t forget to throw away the key in the river (that’s the tradition right?).


One of the newesr bridges in Krakow- Bernatka Bridge opened in 2010 as a pedestrian only waterfront walkway; but with the addition of these acrobatic sculptures in 2016- there’s now more to your walk here than padlocking your love to a railing. #thingstodoinkrakow #krakow #poland #cracow #polska #guidebook #travel #lovelockbridge #lovelock #lovelocks

♬ Love Locks – Nappy Brown

And if you’re crossing the bridge to begin with, go ahead and spend some time in Podgorze, Krakow’s most up and coming neighborhood. You’ll want to walk a few moments past the bridge to the Main Square of Podgorze to see the magnificent church that stands at the top.

Crossing over the Bernatka Footbridge from Kazimierz to Podgorze

Most will start in the Kazimierz neighborhood- the trendiest place in the city, and former Jewish District- that is on the side of the river with the Main Square and Castle.  The bridge begins just past Plac Wolnica. Check for signs to see if you are on the right side of walkway- as one side is reserved for cyclists and the other for people walking; although I’m not sure I’ve ever seen people divided as they should be, since the signs aren’t quite clear to begin with. Stop to admire the gravity defying sculptures created by Jerzy Kędziora, fasten your love lock to the railing of your choice, and end just across the river in the district of Podgorze. If you have time- you’ll be quite close to Oskar Schindler’s Factory (yes Oskar Schindler from Schindler’s List‘s real factory is here in Podgorze, Krakow) and it now houses two wonderful museums; the Oskar Schindler Factory and the Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.  Just a bit further and you are at Kopiec Krakus or Krakus Mound. Or head the opposite way and you’ll be at Hotel Forum and Hala Forum; as well as Pino on the River.

So use your time crossing the river as an opportunity to see just what happens to lie on the other side.

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    In many Indian temples there is a similiar tradition of tying pieces of cloth on a railing or tree for luck

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