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Relaxing Along the Planty

We are so saddened to announce that the Bunkier Cafe is no longer with us. While the museum (Bunkier Sztuki) that was always located next to the cafe is under renovations, and has a temporary location with rarely seen artwork (Rynek Główny in the Potacki Palace)- it does not seem that this beloved restaurant and cafe will return to the Planty. As summer approaches this year, we will be on the lookout for another place nestled in the planty gardens, as we do still think this is one of the nicest locations to sit and have lunch. The tank beer (Tyskie piwa z tanka) we talk about below, is currently available at Alchemia.

[Below is the article we wrote about the Bunkier Cafe in 2015]

One of my favorite places to really wind down and relax is at Bunkier Cafe.  Located along The Planty, Bunkier has great food, an even better atmosphere, and a special Tyskie “Tank Beer”.  In the winter, plastic curtains are closed so that you can still sit along the gardens even in the snow.  In the summer they are opened up and the true energy of the city can be observed while having a beer at Bunkier.


About Tank Beer, from their website: In Krakow, there are only a few places where you can drink tank beer. This is a method – unique in Poland but used in countries with the highest “beer culture” – of distributing, storing and serving beer. Tank beer is the freshest, tastiest and best chilled, and can also be served as the Czechs do.  Tank beer is a truly fresh beer, not pasteurized or microfiltered.Immediately after production, it is transferred to a tanker that transports it to us that same day.Here, the beer is transferred to steel containers or tanks, inside which there is a special seven-layered bag to ensure the beer’s quality and consistent taste.Compressed air forced into the tank causes pressure on the inner container and pushes the beer through a pipe to the tap. Beer stored and served thus is never in contact with air or carbon dioxide.The beer’s freshness is also guaranteed by very short and rigorously applied expiry dates – 28 days after delivery and 14 days after opening the tank.In favourable circumstances, your beer can arrive literally only a few hours after production. Tanks have a capacity of 500 or 1000 litres, so only selected premises can serve tank beer. It should be noted that the beer is always maintained at a constant temperature of 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, from the brewery to the glass.It does not have to be highly carbonated and so it’s more pleasant to drink.


So, does it really taste different?  To me, yes, its softer and fresher, reminiscent of the taste of fruits or vegetables eaten moments after they are pulled from the vine.  The beer’s youth really can be tasted, and it doesn’t help that you are surrounded by beautiful Chesnut Trees and fresh flowers. Visit their website here.


And don’t think Bunkier is just for beer, they have an extensive menu ranging from light snacks to full meals- even breakfast. There is also a play area for kids and an extensive wine, alcohol, and coffee menu. I once read a book about Krakow that said, if you want to go to a place locals actually go to, just find one with lots of bikes parked out front. Bunkier Cafe is just that. The railing in the summertime is lined with bikes, so many that I’ve had truoble finding room for mine before. Bunkier Cafe is truly a locals’ hangout.

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