Polish Traditions: Christmas Time

If you will be in Krakow during or around Christmas time you are in for a real treat.  Not only will the Main Market Square be filled with a bustling Christmas Market, complete with Polish Market Food, homemade goodies, and crafts, but the city will also have events for you to enjoy as well! See our 12 Things To Put On Your Krakow Christmas List This Year….

Christmas Market

One of my favorite events though, is the Szopka Competition, or better know in English as the Nativity Scene or Christmas Crib.  Children, adults, individuals, and groups all work to build their own handmade nativities, each with its own style.  The first Thursday in December, the szopki are placed on the large statue in the middle of the Main Market Square, judges come, locals come, even the news stations come to see them all.  The winner of the competition gets to have his or her Szopka put on display in the National Museum forever!

Nativity full with SM Nativity with kids

Once the competition is over, you’ll find Szopki displayed all over town well into January, in a new tradition that allows you to look up close at many differently designed szopka. Get a map from any InfoKrakow point so you can visit them all!

So- make sure if you’re here for Christmas you go to the Christmas Market- check out some szopki- and maybe even find somewhere for a traditional Christmas Eve Dinner! 

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