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My biggest fear when I travel is that I am going to end up at a restaurant where a local person would never go. I always search before a trip to find a place that is recommended by a local blogger or talk to my friends that may have spent some time actually living in the city I’m visiting. But there is a new start-up in Krakow that is going to help eliminate this problem. Imagine being able to visit a city and eat at a local’s table, something traditional, something authentic, something you’ll never forget.

Welcome to Eataway.


Eataway is an online platform that allows cooks from all over the world to set up profiles (even you can do it!) and host meals in their homes to both locals and travelers in their city. For my first meal with the company, I chose to eat in Krakow so that I could bring a full report back to you. Since I live here, I’ve had my share of Polish food, so I wanted to go with something that I have never tried. However, there are plenty of Polish cooks on Eataway’s site that will cook you something deliciously Polish. Some are even using handed-down recipes from their families. But if you’re looking for something different, there are lots of cuisines to choose from in Krakow; including, French, Mediterranean, Turkish, Indian, Korean, and more. See Eataway’s full list of meals.


I chose the meal “Yummy India” as it had been recommended by a friend, and I had just met the cook at an event earlier in the month, and what a wonderful experience it was. Not only was the food delicious, but getting to gather around a table with so many new people was really exciting.


I met a man that owned a natural wine shop next to my apartment, some students, a newly married couple that lived close by, and a couple in town from Norway. We shared stories, experiences, and wine! Our cook Sheuli answered every question we had, teaching us all about the languages people speak in India, the social dynamics there, and of course about the food! We learned that Indians typically eat very late in the evening, but have a snack after work to hold them over. We were able to try both the traditional snacks and a traditional meal!


All said and done we were given 10 different dishes to try. They were all so delicious, so flavorful, and it was obvious that they had been homemade, from scratch. And what made it even more enjoyable was that Sheuli’s husband and son also came to talk to us. We asked them questions about traveling, how they ended up in Krakow, and what they like most about the city. For a local or a traveler this is a great option for a night out.


For anyone coming to Krakow, I can’t recommend enough booking a table at Sheuli’s or any of Eataway’s talented cooks tables.

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    You truly have so many great experiences and ideas for things to do. Enjoyed!! Aunt Janet

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      Thank you Aunt Janet! Glad you are reading what I write! 😀

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