Day Trippin: Top 10 Things to do in Zakopane, Poland

We have so many posts about Zakopane right now, we’re thinking about starting an Emily’s Guide dedicated just to the mountain town. But for now we bring you our list of the best things to do in Zakopane.

Use this list to build the perfect itinerary. If you’re doing a one-day trip from Krakow you should choose between the hike to Morskie Oko and the Gubałówka funicular, but can definitely still do dinner in town and some souvenir shopping and cheese tasting. (If it’s summer you could maybe do it all since the sun sets so late). If you have more than a day enjoy everything on this list!

1. Hike to the most beautiful lake in the world- Read How to vist Morskie Oko Here!


2. Take the Gubałówka funicular to the top of the mountains!


3. And while you’re there drink śliwowica (Polish plum brandy) and beer!


4. On the way down grab a jabłuszko and sled down the hills…


5. Visit the World’s Largest Ice Maze…


6. Visit some of Poland’s best wooden architecture…


7. Visit a thermal bath (our favorite is Gorace Potok!)…


8. Eat ribs at Stek Chałupa (really this is the only restaurant we recommend)…


9. Enjoy some Oscypek, the traditional mountain highlander’s cheese…


10. If you’re lucky enough to be in town during the World Cup of Ski-Jumping- Go!!!!!


For more of our coverage of Zakopane check out our full article on hiking to Morskie Oko, including what Morksie Oko looks like in the summer; our article on the ice maze and ski-jumping competition, and our article on Zakopane as a day-trip from Krakow.


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  1. says:

    The only thing I would be able to do is eat ribs!! Thanks for sending but do not think I will be across the pond again. See you in Md. A. Janet

  2. Melody Pittman says:

    Fun things! I would love to try the cheese, funicular, and the ice maze but i’m gonna pass on the plum brandy. The faces of some of the drinkers was hilarious. 😉

    1. emilybulak says:

      hahaha they had been on quite a ride after our Polish wedding, so alcohol was not their favorite thing at the moment… Butttt my aunt did get drunk enough to buy us all fur rugs!

  3. Allison Fun Family Vacations says:

    The Thermal Baths look fun. Love the videos!

  4. I want to go to the thermal baths!!!!

    1. emilybulak says:

      There are some great ones there! You should go!

  5. We had pork knuckle at Stek Chupla was amazing. We went in the summer and sat outside enjoying the sun and the atmosphere of the that amazing street in Zakopane.

    1. emilybulak says:

      Yes we’ve had the knuckle there as well- next time get the ribs, they’re the best in Poland by far.

  6. Looks like a fun time, love the videos!

    1. emilybulak says:


  7. 2traveldads says:

    Trying śliwowica and the funicular would be at the top of our list for sure!

    1. emilybulak says:


  8. Bohemian Bowman says:

    Cheese and brandy, I’m in!

    1. emilybulak says:

      Hahaha yay!

  9. samselim says:

    You have sold Zakopane, Poland to me for sure! That lake looks amazing!!

    1. emilybulak says:

      Haha yes it is one of my favorite places, but you have to know where to go and what to do

  10. Vyjay Rao says:

    What an amazing trip, would love to plan a trip there someday, so many activities too.

    1. emilybulak says:

      Yeah it’s a really fun place. And awesome if you can combine it with Kraków!

  11. Ami Bhat says:

    The thermal bath sounds just right for me in Poland. Nice list.

    1. emilybulak says:

      Thanks! Just one day trip from Kraków- so many options!

  12. I definitely don’t need enough posts about Poland! That ice maze would be so much fun.

    1. emilybulak says:

      Yes it was- unfortunately it has melted but hopefully they’ll do it again next year!

  13. Dave i Kasia says:

    Eat ribs at Stek Chałupa – We have the ribs every time we visit 🙂
    Back in August, cant wait, worth the flight from Australia!

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