Zakopane: Ski Jumping and World’s Largest Ice Maze

Update for the 2017 season in Zakopane: Looks like the ice maze in Zakopane and castle have both been re-built for this year as well! Check out the labyrinth’s Facebook Page for more information on this year’s festivities!

Today we headed out to the mountains for the annual Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane. Not only did we get to see the great competition, but we got to spend yet another day in Poland’s winter capital. Beers in hand and decked out in Team Poland gear, we enjoyed every minute of it, including wandering around the world’s largest ice maze, which opened today! [Both the competition and ice maze are located at Wielka Krokiew]. Friday is the practice round of jumping, Saturday is the country competition, and Sunday is the individual round. We recommend buying tickets in advance, and arriving a couple of hours before the competition begins. Our tickets were Sector B and cost 70zl.

Oh yeah, anddddd Poland came in 3rd place today! Hooray!!!!!!!


 If wandering through the world’s largest ice maze sounds insane, that’s because it is. It took weeks to build and has solid 7ft walls of ice. If you would rather wander around a royal ice palace they have that too!  Entrance for the castle and maze is 13zl each, with discounts for families and kids, and if you get to come up while it’s still there, it’s worth it. Even though the world championship of ski-jumping was just next door, the wait wasn’t too bad, and inside wasn’t that crowded either! You can see just how handcrafted the labyrinth is up close….


These types of events are only some of the wonderful things that Zakopane has to offer!   Check out our previous blog posts on Zakopane and Lake Morskie Oko for more information about how to get there and what to do while you’re there!

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    As usual another interesting read. You really do have a fun time and I think it is great. Keep up the good work. Poland should love you for being so good at showing things of great attraction. Love A. Janet

  2. nisaaqilah says:

    Hi, Is the ice maze near the morski oko lake?

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