Krakow Cat Cafe: Kocia Kawiarnia Kociarnia


What’s better than a cafe full of cats!? Krakow’s only Cat Cafe has opened its doors, actually they’ve been open for quite some time, and it seems all the kinks we read about on TripAdvisor and the like have been worked out.

Enter the cafe from ul. Krowoderska 48, if you already know what you want to order go ahead and tell the employees in the front room. If not, go through the wardrobe doors (not the glass window) and through another set of swinging doors to the main room. Take a seat, grab a menu, and when you’re ready to order head back to the entrance to tell them what you would like.


Upon ordering you’ll be given a little handpainted wooden cat- we liked ours so much we bought it to take home! When your food or drinks are ready someone will deliver them to you and take your little wooden cat away. Then its all about patience. There are some rules about handling the cats, and you’re not really allowed to approach them or pick them up. But, if you’re lucky, and we were, a cat will find its way to you and start snuggling immediately!


The cats were all well groomed, very friendly, but a little bit sleepy, as cats are. The whole room was fresh and clean and had so many things for the cats to play with. There is another back room with even cozier furniture, and a loft you can climb up into, but for this room reservations may be required. All in all it is a wonderful experience.


The Cafe was kind enough to reach us with a comment to explain how everything works (as it was hard to find information about the program in English) Although they don’t support the local Cat Shelter financially, every week people bring in anything they want for the local Shelter- food, blankets, toys.  They also work with them promoting adoptions. The Foundation’s focus is helping cats in need, that can’t be in the cafe. Taking care of medical treatment and then finding new homes for them. As a Foundation, they also organize educational meetings for kids, the elderly, or people with disabilities.  For more info you can visit their website or facebook page.


They even have handmade gifts for sale; from pillows, to t-shirts, coffee mugs, little clay cats, wooden cats, everything cats! You can view their full menu below, and also the rules of the cafe (but it’s in Polish).


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