The Best Sausages in Poland: Hala Targowa’s Communist Van


Other than being told by friends and family that the sausages on Hala Tragowa at night were the best in Krakow, I only ever saw anything about them on Krakow’s Free Walking Tour Hidden Gems list.  And since we have grilled sausage at least twice a week at home in the summer, I never made the extra trip to get one here.  But with the trams running funny this week, and a 20 minute ticket not being enough to get Jacek and me from Krowodrza Gorka to Miodowa, we had to get out at Hala Targowa.  And so, we had our first Hala Targowa Kielbasa… and I must say, this is by far the BEST sausage I have had in my life, let alone in Krakow.  It was delcious!  And the set-up is fun too!


The truck and outfits of the “eatery” are reminiscent of communist times.  And the people there have the sausage grilling down to a tee.  Just watch how they use a knife to cut slits in the sausage with such ease.

Grab a fresh sausage from the grill, roll, and mustard for 8zl.  For a few zloty more you can add a communist-brand soda, in a fun glass bottle, a souvenir in itself. [note: these prices are from 2015 so please be aware they are higher now, obviously]. 

Open from 8pm-3am everyday but Sunday, this can be an after work treat, pre-party appetizer, or even a late-night snack.  Either way, you won’t find sausage this good anywhere else that’s for sure.

You can easily walk here from Kazimierz, or catch any tram or bus with a stop “Hala Targowa”. This is also the place with the Sunday flea market.

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