Have a car? Head to the beach! Sosina Lake.

So while there are several lakes within Krakow to visit, my favorites including The Bagry, Zakrzowek, and Zalew Nowohucki (plus of course the more touristic and crowded Kryspinoff), if you have a car and can drive out to Sosina, it may be worth it…

Still in Malopolska (Lesser Poland), Sosina is reachable by car in around an hour from the city.  It is much bigger in size than the ones closer to the city, and could easily be combined with Ojcow National Park, since its on the way, as an entire day trip. Becuase of its size, not only is there more area to swim, but there is also the option to take a boat and go wake-boarding, rent paddle-boats with slides attached, and of course an even larger beach area to tan on as well.

Lay in the sand, bring a grill with you, even a tent to spend the night.  It costs only 10zl to park, no entrance fee, and its free to camp too (although I think there is a designated campling area which may charge a little more, but provides more ammenities)  There is a stage for concerts, food trucks and ice cream trucks all around, and beers are flowing as well!   We just went last Sunday, and even though I consider Sunday the busiest days for most lakeside activities, there was so much room you felt like no one was even there.  I highly suggest a visit for a day if you have time, the water is refreshing, and the burgers from the food truck was delicious!

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