Zalew Bagry: The Lakes of Krakow

Relax Lakeside in Krakow

The Bagry (Zalew Bagryis somewhere I had always wanted to go.  My students always talked about it, but it was hard to imagine.  Really? You can wakeboard in Krakow?! And also windsurf, or swim, or kayak, or take a mini-yacht?  I thought they had to be playing a trick on me.  So, with the recent cold weather across Europe finally ending, and the heat of July finally setting in, I made my way.  I had found on In Your Pocket’s website some basic directions for how to get there, so I started with that (which was only a little helpful) and a map…. and now for you, I present the full directions for how to get to The Bagry.




Coming from the Tourist Town:

1. Walk to Dworzec Glowny Tram Stop (the one along the planty, Southeast of the Barbican, South of Galeria Krakowska). So, if you are at Galeria Krakowska, start walking towards the Old Town, go underground to cross the street, come up in The Planty, and take a right, and then you will be at Dworzec Glowny Tram Stop.

2.  Catch Tram 20 headed towards Maly Plaszow.  Get off at the stop Rzebika.  (About a 15 minute ride, it is the next to last stop).

3.  When you get off the tram, cross the street so that you are walking towards the grocery store Biedronka.  Then take a a right onto Lanowa.  At the end of this street you will be at The Bagry!!!  (In total only a 750m walk).

Coming from the rest of the city:

Tram 20 is the quickest and easiest way to get there, in addition to getting the tram from Dworzec Glowny, you can also catch it from these stops: Bronowice Małe, Balicka Wiadukt, Wesele, Bronowice, Głowackiego, Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny, Biprostal, Urzędnicza, Plac Inwalidów, Batorego, Teatr Bagatela, Basztowa LOT, Lubicz, Rondo Mogilskie, Rondo Grzegórzeckie, Zabłocie, Klimeckiego Kuklińskiego, Gromadzka, and Lipska.

Or you can catch bus 125, 128, 158, or 608.  (For schedules go to Jakdo Jade.)


The Bagry: What’s That? What’s There?


Walking straight on Lanowa, you will run straight into the lake and WakePoint.  Here is where you can pay to get a board, wetsuit, helmet, and instructor to teach you how to wakeboard on the lake.  What is really cool is that you aren’t holding onto a line attached to a boat, but actually to a line that is attached to what I can only describe as a zip-line aparatus, that is controlled by an instructor to help you get speed!  There are even a few jumps for the more adventerous!  And they have a little bar with snacks and ice-cream too.  Watch their awesome video here.

_MG_1674 _MG_1673 _MG_1672 _MG_1667 _MG_1659 _MG_1652 _MG_1648 _MG_1647 _MG_1644


If you follow the path to the left, you will walk along the lake, with open fields to your left, perfect for picnicing, and eventually reach the designated swimming area.  Here there is a little beach, complete with sand and sun, and a few lifeguards for safety.  They even treat the water in this section so it is always safe for swimming!  And you will find lines floating in the water to designate water-depths.  Nearby are also some ice-cream and snack stores.

_MG_1705 _MG_1701 _MG_1700 _MG_1694 _MG_1693 _MG_1692


Boats, Boats, Boats….

Keep going around the lake and you will find several rental points offering different water-craft.  From kayaks, to mini yachts, to paddle-boats and bicycles, you can even go wind-surfing or sailing!  At the last rental point, there is a restaurant as well, offering full meals, beer, etc… You will see lots of local kids swimming about, and playing, as many of them come to this complex for swimming lessons.

_MG_1727 _MG_1724 _MG_1721 _MG_1718

What I Thought

So, that’s the logistics and the layout, but what was it really like?  I had a wonderful time the afternoon I went.  I watched the kids wakeboarding for a while, and then I headed down to check out the rentals, talked to some of the people there who were really friendly, and then ended up back at the designated swimming area, where for a few hours I read a book, swam around, and caught a sun-tan.  I grew up at the beach, and having this body of water to splash around in, is like having a little piece of home with me here in Krakow, one much less crowded than the beaches at home.  And all if cost me was two 2.80zl tram tickets.

_MG_1714 _MG_1708

The Bagry isn’t anything spectacular if you’re used to lakes or seas, but if you’ve been back-packing around Europe for months, and need a little city-break but don’t want to go far, it is a welcome attraction.  Or hey, just here for a few days, and the sweltering heat in the city is hitting you hard?  Go take a dip at The Bagry!

And the even better news?  There are two more lakes in Krakow, one in Nowa Huta, and one near the Airport, that are equally as popular, and will be up on my site very soon!

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