Polish Traditions: Goodbye Winter, Goodbye Marzanna

On the first day of spring, all the school children of Krakow take dolls they have made from hay or corn-stalks, and throw them down the river, sometimes even lighting them on fire.  These Marzanna dolls, were born from a Pagan tradition, and its quite suprising that they live on in such a Catholic nation.  But either way, Marzanna is sacrificed to end the winter, and welcome the spring.  You can find out where the closest Marzanna Sacrifice is occuring to you by checking the local papers and schools.  This year I went to the event in Zielonki, a suburb just outside of Krakow, on the first day of spring.

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  1. Klavdija says:

    Not only in Krakow, but in whole Poland. Marzanna was polish goddess of death and winter.

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