Polish Holidays: Palm Sunday

Palms for judges

On Palm Sunday between 10am and 1:30pm you can head to the Main Square to see a competition of “palms-  beautiful handmade poles filled with color and vibrance; as well as, traditional song and dance all day long.  If you have your own palm, don’t forget to take it to church to have it blessed by a priest (you’ll take your Easter Basket 6 days later to bless that as well).

Palm Sunday used to be the official start of the Easter Market in the square- but it now starts a bit earlier on the Thursday before, as to not miss any possible tourist shoppers, so take some time to look around for goodies!  There are even more markets and celebrations in the days following Easter, that are spread out throughout the town; such as Emaus and Rekawka.  But, in the Main Square there will be Easter themed markets from March 30th until the day after Easter- which is April 10th this year (2023). And always also check the Small Square (Mały Rynek) when you are in town any time, because similar markets are held here as well pretty frequently!

Little StandsPlam on marys

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