Wawel Castle Grounds, Cathedral, and Vistula River

Wawel Castle single-handedly draws the most visitors, and for good reason.  It’s castle grounds and views from the gardens are amazing, not to mention the tower climb with close-up views of the entire Old Town panoramic.

Wawel Castle Grounds: Zamek królewski na Wawelu

Walk around the castle grounds for free, or buy a ticket to climb the tower in the cathedral, beautiful view through the window of the bell tower; as well as an impressive church bell. Also includes entry to royal tombs, and other parts of the cathedral.  To visit the state rooms you will have to buy additional tickets.

Notice the cathedral’s exterior, as it is a mix of 5 different architectural styles.  A hodge-podge mess that actually works together.  And the castle’s inner courtyard which is obviously built by young Florentine’s from Italy.


The left hand corner of the courtyard, the one that makes you feel like you are standing in Florence, Italy, is believed to be one of the 7 chakra points of the world.  Krakow, being an almost completely Catholic region, tries to cover the area with signs and waste bins to deter people from hanging around here.  But usually you can find several people meditating around the corner.  And an area that has been touched by thousands of people hoping to gain energy from the space.  Interestingly, Wawel tour guides are forbidden to talk about the area and its supposed energy.


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Vistula River: Wisła Rzeka

A great vantage point of the river is from the Wawel Castle Grounds, but you can also go down below and walk along the river, or wait and walk along the river near Kazimierz.  In the summer take a picnic along this area too!  Oh, and look down along the wall to find the fire-breathing dragon!  Also part of an old Krakowian legend, you can climb down the Dragon’s Den to see a cavern or two, and get to the banks of the river quickly.

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