Kazimierz: The Old and New Jewish Cemeteries

In the Jewish District of Krakow, Kazimierz, you can find many synagogues and Jewish cemeteries.  The cemeteries are striking examples of the destruction the Nazis caused in these areas, and how the destruction had been repaired since.  During the Holocaust, gravestones were broken and destroyed, taken to be used as stones for pathways or just sold.  Today, some of the broken gravestones have been restored and put back where they belong, while others have been combined to create a wall surrounding the Remuh (Old) Cemetery, and a memorial statue at the New Cemetery.  The pictures I have for you now do not do these sights justice, the memorials that were built are beautiful tributes (I will try to take new pictures of these spots soon!)

A ticket to the Remuh Synagogue also includes entrance to the Old Cemetery.  And all Jewish sights can be reached by Tram 3, get off at the stop Miodowa and walk into the district. All city maps should show these destinations clearly, but if yours doesn’t, stop by the Jewish Cultural Center or Info Krakow point in this area.



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