Shots and Food and Beer: Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa

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Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa has locations all over the city, in the Jewish district on the Plac Nowy, off Florianska Street, and on Szewska Street (both close to the Main Market Square).  What will probably first catch your eye are the prices, all drinks are 4zl and all food is 8zl!  The atmosphere is unique for a few reasons.  There is a constant mix of locals and tourists here, many tourists just stop by for a round or two before heading out for the night; where as, many Polish people I know, my fiance and myself included, have posted up here all night.  The other interesting thing is the decor.  One might find the decorations to be very cold, but it’s all on purpose, meant to be reminiscent of communism, complete with newspaper clippings papered on the wall from the past, and chains attached to some of the tables, reminding people that bars and restaurants in the past chained everything to the tables and floors to make sure no one walked off with the items, since it was impossible to buy things like forks and spoons from a store.


I suggest anything and everything on the menu, especially if you want to try authentic Polish food and shots!  The “Mad Dog” shot is a must-have, as this is a shot that we make at parties all the time, and it is pretty unique being made from Polish vodka, raspberry syrup, and tabasco.  The Gzik (cottage cheese) plate is delicious, as is the beef tar-tar, or toast with lard and pickles.

No matter what you choose, the vodka they serve is Zubrowka, which is our favorite, also known as the Bison-Grass vodka, and the flavored liquors they use are made in-house, which makes a huge difference when it comes to the taste of the shots.

So you want a beer?  It’s 4 zl.

You want a glass of wine? It’s 4zl.

You want a shot?  It’s 4zl.


There are 8 shots to choose from, with some special recipes added here and there, (for a fun time out try them all!), and the beer is served from a tap, and is obviously Polish.  The food is tasty.  And I can tell you from personal experience that if you show up and it’s super crowded, just wait a few minutes and you’ll realize how much people really just come and go from this bar, not usually spending much time.


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