Say Hello to the Hejnal

Every hour on the hour, keep your ears open for the Hejnal playing his trumpet from the top of St. Mary’s Church Tower.  Legend has it that during a Mongol Invasion in the 1200’s, the Hejnal began playing his trumpet to warn the city, and was shot in the heart.  Today if you listen closely, you will notice the tune cuts-off abruptly to mimic the legendary tale.

During the height of tourist season, you can climb the tour and visit the trumpeter, who is actually an active member of the fire brigade, playing the tune every hour, once in each cardinal direction.  And at noon, it’s played live over the Krakow Radio Station!  Visiting information for the tower from the official St. Mary’s Website:

From the 1st of April to 31st of October (except religious holidays)

9:10-17:40 (every 30 minutes)

Break from visiting 11:30-13:10

Ticker office

normal: 15 zł
discount (7-18 years old): 10 zł

Buying a ticet mean that the buyer has accepted regulations!

The entrance to the Tower from St. Florian Street.

Want to learn more about Krakow’s legends?  Pick up The Legends of Krakow from any bookstore in the Old Town.

Want to hear the Hejnal long after you’ve left Krakow, download the Bugle App and become a Hejnal yourself!


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