Day Trippin: Czestochowa, the Czarna Madonna, and Jasna Gora Monostary

To anyone interested in Catholic history, or is a Catholic themself, heading to Czestochowa to the Jasna Gora Monostary from Krakow might be a good idea.  The original Czarna Madonna is held here, and the monostary is also an end-point for thousands of people on pilgramages, my mother-in-law included.  The actual piece of art is held behind the main churche’s alter and can be visited after each mass.  The nuns at the monostary are more than helpful and will point you in the right direction of anything you want to see with no problem.

Visiting the Czarna Madonna is a moving experience, not only beacause of its significance, but because you have to crawl on your knees behind the alter to see it, where you will find elderly men and women doing the same, a true testament to their devotion to their religion.

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