Airport Transportation

Getting to and from the Airport by Train, Bus, or Taxi

The easiest, cheapest option is to take the train- but if you’re with a group, splitting an Uber can be just as cheap; so check the pricing when you arrive and go from there.

Did you know I used to work for In Your Pocket City Guides? Here’s how to get to and from the airport in Krakow!

Take the Train From the KRK Airport to the City Center

Obviously there will be cabs lined up at the airport to take you to your hotel.  However, there is also plenty of options using public transportation.  Update: There is only 1 terminal now for all flights! The easiest option is to take a train directly from the Airport to the City Center. Follow  these steps:

  1. Grab your luggage and exit into the terminal.
  2. You will see an electronic ticket machine, which you can use to buy your one-way ticket to the city center, it takes cash, coins, and credit cards. If you’re short on time, just buy your ticket onboard the train- there’s a machine there as well!
  3. There is an escalator ramp that you should see as soon as you exit the baggage claim area. You are going to want to take this ramp, and follow the skywalk to the left.
  4. At the end of the skywalk, go through the doors, and down to the right and you will be on the platform. Any train you see here will take you to Krakow.
  5. Get on the train, and if you haven’t already bought a ticket, use the automated machine on board.  A conductor will come to check your ticket later.
  6. Most travelers will want to get off at the stop Dworzec Główny which means Main Station. If this is where you get off, you will be dropped at Platform 3, and you can follow the signs to get through Galeria Krakowska and onto the streets of Krakow!

Tickets for the train are now 17zł per person, one-way, as of 2023. The journey takes around 18 minutes (although we’ve done it in 15). And the train will leave the airport at :16 and :46 past the hour, every hour. (Note there is a short break in train service from midnight-4am, if you find yourself at the airport at this time, you may need to follow the bus directions below.)

Take the Train From the City Center of Krakow to the KRK Airport

To get from the city center to the airport you’ll just follow the directions above in the opposite direction! So start at the Main Train Station. You can get to it through the big mall, Galeria Krakowska. There will be boards that tell you what platform the train will be on.  So find your platform; board the train; and just buy the ticket inside the train! Or if you’re a worry wart, you can get it in advance as well. Here’s a short video of my recent airport transfer in February 2023. What I really like about Krakow is that the airport is so easy to get to from the city center; and the main train station is less than a 20 min walk from the Main Square.


Several years ago the KRK Krakow Airport was completely renovated and an amazing train service to and from the city was added! Come with us as we catch a flight out of Krakow! #krakow #poland #usefultravelinfo #travelinfo

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The train is the best way- but here are others….

To take the bus: I used to suggest the following- but now I really don’t think you should do it. The train is the best- and there’s no reason not to use it. If you have a 6am flight- you might just need an Uber but otherwise the train will get you there.  that You can also take either the 209 or 300, or 902 at night,  For times and other stops, check Remember to buy a Zone I-II ticket, single-journey (6zl),  unless you are going to hop onto another bus or tram to reach your destination, in which case you should buy a Zone I-II ticket that is timed, I would suggest 60 or 90 minutes depending on where you are headed.

Taxi Information


Uber is here finally. When we started this blog Ubers were few and far between but now they, FreeNow, Lyft, etc.. all exist. So use them just like you do at home. Don’t like the apps? The best taxi service to use in town is iCar.  They are loads cheaper than just grabbing a regular cab, have reliable service and drivers, provide users with a password so that no one steals their cab.

Please see our full page on public transportation in Krakow to learn more about getting around.

And as always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail us at or comment below! Happy Travels!

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  1. Transportation at this airport seems to be very high class but still very simple. There are some airports where the transportation is complex but you find any such thing here. One of the best.

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