Public Transportation in Krakow

Krakow Transportation: How it works

When you get onto a bus or tram, you will buy your ticket from a machine on board (if you are on a bus where there is no machine present, you can buy a 60 minute ticket from the bus driver for 5zł). The ticket that you buy works for both the trams and buses, and is timed; however, there are options to buy a whole day, or longer pass.

For all transportation (bus and tram) you use only one timed ticket.  Tickets can be purchased for a number of different times, but what is most important is that once you buy a ticket, you validate it in the yellow machine that says “validate your ticket here” and that if you are a student you purchase a discount ticket.

For everything within the city you only need a Zone I ticket, but if you are going to the Salt Mines by bus 304, make sure you buy a Zone II ticket.  The transportation authority checks this bus all the time!

Click here for a Quick Reference Sheet for Tram Stops and Major Attractions.  

And Click here for taxi and Airport Transfer Information.

Transportation Prices

Transportation Applications

For even more ease navigating the city, use these applications to help you get around!

IMG_5098 IMG_5195

Jak dojade: Use this website or application to figure out all of your public transport routes or look up bus and tram schedules!  Check the quickest, easiest, and best ways to get where you want to go, and see maps of the entire route! (Downloadable Application for $3.99 or visit the website for free. Must be connected to Wi-Fi or 3G)


CoPilot: Download this application, and your first map for free.  Use it anywhere, on or off Wi-Fi, to locate points of interest, your current location, and get directions for walking or driving.

Don’t forget if you have any questions, comments, or want us to make you a custom made list or itinerary, you can always email us at


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